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Hunt Buffalo in Africa


Nicknamed "the Black Death" and "Widowmaker", the Cape buffalo is one of the most unpredictable and formidable adversaries a dangerous game hunter can face. It is also the most popular member of the Big Five in terms of trophy hunting. 

Hunt sable in africa


The Sable is inarguably one of the most handsome antelope species on the continent. This large, near-horselike creature boasts spectacular curved horns and a dramatically contrasted coat of black and white. 

Hunt Lion in Africa


The 'King of the Bush' still evokes the kind of terror and awe that inspired big game hunters to travel to the continent in centuries past. Our lion hunting safaris are conducted amidst the red sands of the Kalahari in South Africa's Northern Cape province - an African tableau that will remain with you years to come.

Hunt Kudu in South Africa


Revered for its spectacular spiraled horns and attractive markings, the kudu is one of Southern Africa's most iconic antelopes and sought-after plains game trophies. These imposing animals are typically hunted in the mountains.

Hunting Gemsbuck in Africa



Gemsbuck are widely hunted for their spectacular horns that average 85 cm (33 in) in length. From a distance, the only outward difference between males and females is their horns, and many hunters mistake females for males each year. In males horns tend to be thicker with larger bases. Females have slightly longer, thinner horns. These animals are hunted in the open grass plains.



Nyala is definitely one of the most beautiful animals Africa has to offer. The males have dark grey to black skin with white stripes. Nyala is also part of the spiral horn family and a client favorite to hunt at Tollie's African Safaris.


The red lechwe is a medium-sized antelope exhibiting characteristic dark markings on the forelegs. His body slants forward as his front shoulders are lower than his croup. While game ranches have provided limited populations of this sought-after trophy, the sustainable herds of lechwe are found primarily in the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the Caprivi Strip of Namibia, but we offer our clients beautiful Red Letchwe in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.


Vaal Rhebuck are considered by most as one of the most challenging South African antelope to hunt. This wonderful species occurs high in the mountains. They have a long, thin neck leading up to the head. The head is dominated by larger than usual eyes, big rubber-like black nose and very long pointed upright ears. The body is covered by a grey wool like coat, similar to that of a jack rabbit. Under parts are white in colour. Only the males have spike-like straight black horns that stand upright.

Hunting Blue Wildebeest in South Africa


The blue wildebeest (or 'brindled gnu') is a popular inclusion in plains game packages that cater to both beginner and expert hunters. Its image is synonymous with the Serengeti of East Africa. This bizarre-looking 'beest' makes a fine trophy and is typically found in habitats of acacia savanna and short grass plains.

Impala Hunting in Africa


The impala is one of the most common antelope species on the continent, with a range that stretches across most of Sub-Saharan Africa. This highly successful browser and grazer is available in the all the areas where we conduct our hunting safaris, ensuring an attractive available staple.

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