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Where are you situated?

We are situated in the mountains of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. We offer luxurious 5 star lodges. One of the Safest hunting destinations in South Africa.


Travel arrangements ?

Fly into Johannesburg where you clear customs, then re check your bags for your flight to Port Elizabeth where we will pick you up. You can either fly with Delta from Atlanta or with SAA from Dulles/Washington or from New York. The New York flight arrives in the morning so then you can still fly down to Port Elizabeth same day. The Dulles and Atlanta flights arrive in the evening then you have to overnight in Johannesburg. If you have to overnight in Johannesburg we use African Sky - We can book that for you if you have to overnight in JHB, they have a meet and greet and airport transfer and full board service and 99% of our clients use them.  They also do the rifle importation for you if you want to bring your own rifle.

What species do you have available to hunt in your areas?

We offer over 30 different species, form the big 5 to the small 5.

We also have some wonderful concessions all over Southern Africa where we take our clients for species not found in our own areas.


What is the best time of year to come and hunt?

Hunting is excellent throughout the year and it depends on what kind of temperatures you enjoy. October through to March is our summer months and maximum temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius can be expected. April to September is our cooler months and in the middle of Winter, minimum Temperatures of around freezing can be expected early morning and in the evening.


What is the sizes of your hunting areas?

We hunt on about 80 000 hectares; 200 000 acres.


Any malaria in your hunting areas?

The Eastern Cape Province is a malaria free area and no other specific vaccines are neede.


What is the best calibre to use in your areas and the average hunting range?

.300 Win Mag is a very good all round calibre for African Game. For Dangerous Game a minimum of .375 H&H needs to be used. Hunting range is from 100 to 350 yards.


Can we rent rifles at camp?

Rifles are rented @ $50 per day and that includes ammunition.


What type of terrain can be expected?

We offer a big variety of hunting terrains which are more open than the Bushveld. From big mountains to open grass plains.


What hunting methods are normally used?

Hunting is mostly done by spot and stalk methods. Hunting Vehicles is used to get to good areas to start walking or until game is spotted. Methods can be adjusted according to fitness of our clients.


What makes your company special?

Our Lodges are all 5 star. All our Professional Hunters are very experienced. We have been in this industry for more than 30 years and we have worked very hard to build up a flawless reputation over these years! We are able to assist clients from A-Z, organizing their dream Hunting Safari.


You can either wire the funds to us or we also accept credit cards (but not AMEX or diners club), fee charge 2.6%.

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