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Hi Tollie and Karen,


Everything about the lion hunt was outstanding! Beans was an excellent PH as always and the hospitality at the ranch was second only to your’s. My lions were more impressive than I even imagined. I was also fortunate to harvest a spectacular impala, springbuck and ostrich.   I’m off to Zim tomorrow for 4 weeks (leopard, buff, hippo, and croc ) if all goes as planned.

 I return to home on May 28. I will keep you updated. Once again I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in making this hunt possible for me!

Best Regards     Tom Goodwin


Although a bit tired, we both made it home just fine. Thanks again for everything. Tough to believe but each time I come there it seems to be even better than the previous visit. My dad had a great time as well.  Regards  JT Swick

My ph, Allan, was professional, curtious, made every day fun and he taught us about the species. At Tollies, we feel like at home with family. Thank you so much for the wonderful time & new friendships.  We will never forget  it and always cherish the memories.   I want to let you know what a spectacular  time we had with you.  Paula is still on the phone telling the kids and friends what a wonderful time she had, and the absolutely awesome time I had.  Karen, I know Paula really enjoyed the time she spent with you and Chantel.   Please take care, stay in touch and have a great season. Thanks for a week on memories that will stay with us forever.  Both of you are a large part of those memories.  Kent & Paula Francis


We miss your awesome country and over the top hospitality and friendship. (Our best vacation EVER!) Thank you for a wonderful experience.  Larry & Penny

We are all still in awe of your operation & the caring way that all of you treated us. It is the trip of my life time & we would love to come as soon as possible!

Thanks again.  Terry & Karen

Being able to experience Africa for the first time, with a lot of great memories. Memories & stories we will remember forever. Chris was an excellent ph, he made us feel comfortable both hunting and at camp. Tollie’s is hands down one of the most nicest operations I have been to. Food, lodging and hospitality are all excellent. The little things and attention to detail is what makes this place so enjoyable.   It was a great honeymoon!  Adam  & Julie Freeman

The highlight for us was coming to Tollies for the hunting, the food and you and Tollie. You guys made our trip what we expected it to be. The family atmosphere, the hunting, the staff, the scenery, the accommodation, all beyond reproach. I cannot say enough about Graham, our ph, very knowledgable on weaponry, the game and the country being hunted. The quality of game was foremost. Graham will forever be in our memories! Wonderful staff, wonderful people, accommodation excellent! Made my & my wife’s 25th wedding anniversary most memorable event!   Thank you both very much looking forward to a return visit with our two daughters. Guy & Joyce Pryor

Our personal highlight was finding buffalo 3 times during the hunt. Our ph, Beans was excellent. Could not have been better!  Mike & Linda Blohowiak

Seeing all the animals, dinner with everyone and the stalks were the highlights of our safari. Our ph’s, Chris & Beans, were knowledgable, determind and very helpful. Everything of the outfitter exceeded our expectations. We had a great day at Addo Elephant Park and a wonderful experience at the spa!  Kerry, Debbie & Hunter Pauling


Thanks for taking care of me – it was a fabulous hunt.  Certainly a hunt of a lifetime (at least until I hunt buffalo ). Both hotels were terrific and I would highly recommend each. Phil Russell

We all had an INCREDIBLE visit with you and your team.  We all loved it so much and I believe that it was truly life changing for us – especially for the kids.  You all down to every staff member made us feel very special and part of your family.  We already miss you guys and are continuing to relive the memories.  We are going to have some family over this weekend to show the pictures and tell stories.

Thanks so much for the kind words about my family.  I agree that they are awesome but that’s due to God’s glory, provision and grace on us – of which we are eternally grateful.  

Warmest regards and Love to all,

Jonathan, Denise, Lauren, Tim,  Bethany, Ethan, & Joshua Leak

We really can not begin to tell you how much we were blessed by our stay with you and your staff.  For so many years we have dreamed of making a trip to Africa for a safari.  In the past two years, we approached the dream seriously.  As I look back at the details of how Jonathan found you and actually met you (Tollie) at the Atlanta show, it is a testimony of God’s provision to our family.  We are so thankful that God directed our family to you.

Thank you for the extra attention and support for the children and young adults.  They ALL had the time of their lives.  They are sharing their hunting stories and adventures every day with everyone.  They were so happy with the help of both Paul and Graham as their professional hunters.  They made memories that they will tell our grandchildren.

We are so thankful that we had the chance to have Beans work with Jonathan.  He was such an incredible PH.   We laughed and shared stories around the fire on several of the nights that we were there and he lives in the hearts of our children as a hero. 

I am especially grateful that our family could witness the faith and testimony of your family each day.  For that week,  you mentored and led each of us in grace.  The beautiful example of your marriage, your faith, and your character in your business was a witness to all of us.  Thank you, Tollie, for sharing your incredible story of God’s protection with the Cape Buffalo.  Thank you for always pointing our attention back to God.  You taught us faith and humility.  We have raised you to hero status as well.

As we shared dinner this week around our own table, the kids asked Jonathan what he was going to say to finish his toast from the last night we were there in Africa.  He smiled and said, “To dreams come true“.  We all lifted a glass and agreed. 

Tollie’s African Safaris made so many dreams come true for us.  

Thank you.

Most thankfully and sincerely,

Denise Leak

“Best hunting trip ever.  A lifetime of memories for my daughter and me. We will cherish our memories and new friends.  Our guide Beans was outstanding, his knowledge of animals hunting and humor was great “ Scott Carpenter

“First time hunting big game but I never felt nervous. My ph, Beans, gave me great shooting advice for all the shots. I don’t know how we could have ever done so well without him. Tollie’s was great.  It almost feel like a home stay, we really felt comfortable with everything.”  Amy Carpenter


“Good experience, can’t wait to return. The guide was excellent and hard-working.  The outfitter was excellent, lots of game and great first trip to Africa.” Derek Greene


“Highly enjoyed working with ph Chris. He was very professional and exhibited great passion in his work. The outfitter was very enjoyable and eager to please. “ Mark Mollere


“Our personal highlight was to bring our son to his first safari and the experience was exceptional. Excellent guide and outfitter.” David & Joshua Carter


“Excellent guide and great outfitter. Personal highlight was shooting the bigger animals like Gemsbuck, Kudu, Black wildebeest and Nyala.” Richard Motsch


“Taking eight wonderful trophies in four days was my personal highlight. The guide and outfitter were excellent. Everything has been great just as it was last year. I could not ask for anything to be better.” Don Youngblood


“Everything, from the accommodation to the food, to the service was excellent. My guide, Rusty, was excellent in every way. Meeting all the people and seeing the country was a highlight and the hunting a bonus!” Cameron Parry


“Everything was excellent. This was my trip of a lifetime. My guide, Graham, was terrific and could not ask for any better. The ladies had a great time too with Chantel!” Walt Emmons


“Our personal highlight was hunting all the animals for our first time. The food and staff were excellent.  Plenty of animals and fun team made this a memorable experience!” Myron, Alex & Carol Timmer


“Beans was the best and most knowledgeable guide I’ve had in Africa to date. Also most knowledgeable about optics and help to improve my shooting skills. Tollie’s African Safaris was the best in all the years I’ve been to Africa. ” Mike Dubes


“Tollie made my first African experience as perfect as it could have ever been.   Chris, our ph, was absolutely unmatchable. He enhanced my experience to the highest it could have been. Tollie’s hospitality was wonderful and the people around him amazing. I appreciate how he interacts with theclients and cares.  The springbuck that hung around the lodge are very cool.  Food/menu incredible.  I would absolutely choose Tollie’s African Safaris if I ever come back to Africa!” Cameron Daron


“Perfect, friendly, nice, happy, everything imaginable! Great experience to have my first time in Africa! My PH Beans was outstanding, spotted every living thing and led me to successful hunts.  I want to come back again!”Jesse Goodwin


“Everything that was advertised and more – food, game and accommodation’s beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend Tollie’s to others.” Kenneth Russell


“Graham, my guide, did an outstanding job! Great chalet, well appointed with all the comforts. Staff were very good. Really enjoyed spending time with the Jordaan Family” John Gilbert


“The outfitter was excellent and the properties were exceptional. It was a highlight to see the Eastern Cape terrain and sharing it with John Gilbert. Graham, my guide, was exceptional!” Tim Macmanus

“My personal highlight was taking a mature Sable bull. My guide was excellent all around. The outfitter was excellent in every aspect of the operation.” Dwight Dalton

“My ph, Graham, did a fantastic job, I enjoyed his company and flexibility. The outfitter was great, very family and home feeling. I really appreciated making my wife comfortable and making the trip a wonderful experience for her. Any need or question was acted on immediately and the meals were incredible!” Allen & Jan Denner


“My personal highlight was to shoot 3 beautiful animals in a beautiful country with good Christian people. My ph, Danie, was one of the very best guides I ever had. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, ethical and kind. The outfitter get 5 out of 5 stars! I truly enjoyed meeting an exceptional Christian family in a wonderful place!”  Bill Sillaman


“Our ph was excellent and he seemed to know everything. It was very enjoyable to be around extremely knowledgeable ph and we had a lot of fun. The outfitter was very pleasant and everyone was very nice. They all made sure we were well taken care of and they are very professional. Can’t wait to come back again. It was a trip of a lifetime that met and exceeded all our expectations. “ Andrew & Oliver Gray


“ Everything is well thought out. Great attention to detail and superior customer service. It was a great African experience. Great ph’s, great hunts & accommodations. My ph, Danie, was tops. He was hardworking and very knowledgeable of wildlife. The performance of the outfitter was outstanding. Never have seen customer service like that seen over the past 2 weeks. Great friends and ready to help at every opportunity. I really enjoy the entire experience.” Phil Russell


“The family atmosphere, the unbelievable food & accommodations, the happy people and the incredible hunting experience was a personal highlight. My ph, Beans, was professional. He was always acting safely and looking for quality animals.  Great stalks, great guide!  The outfitter was excellent all the way – accommodations top notch, food outstanding and their attention to detail made this trip my favorite ever. I will have special memories that I can share for the rest of my life.” Dale Ball


“My ph, JK, did a superb job and was very excellent.  Tollie, Karen and staff perform to perfection. ” Jack Elbert


“Highlight was the camaraderie between clients, ph’s & staff as well as Tollie & Karen. The staff took excellent care of my non-hunting spouse – she had a great time and so did I. Everything was outstanding.” Bryan Ward


“Knowledge, skills, service & temperament of my PH  were all exceptional, way above and beyond. First class operation all the way. Food, accommodations and facilities were all superior!” – Jerry Smiley


“Everything was first class, from the pick-up to the drop-off. The ph worked very hard to get me the best animals possible. Loved getting together at night as a group and sharing the day’s activities.” – Joel Goodenough


“Beans, our ph, is a total professional with the patience of Job. Having hunted with other ph’s, I never felt second rated with Beans. I thought this might be my last trip to Africa, but I’m looking forward to return to this place.”  Becky Bowen

“Graham, our ph, have been very patient  and respectful and worked well in difficult settings. I have really enjoyed this trip, hope to be back again soon!” – Beth Merkle


“Tollie & Karen have been my first African experience and this could not have been better. The family like and Christian ethic is so special in an adventure like this. Everything was so detail orientated.  “ – Charla Miller


“Everything was a personal highlight! The Spa was wonderful! The ph’s was so patient and so much fun!”  – Cyndi Flannigan


“The ph’s, Beans & Graham, were both delightful, easy and comfortable to be with. Everything was done for the comfort of the client, the food was great, the presentation lovely and the general hospitality excellent!”  – Margi Hornady


“Lots of good quality animals. The ph was great and the outfitter excellent! Always something to see and do.” – Pat Thomason


“Personal highlights are too many to list. Everything was more than expected. The guide was definitely a true professional!” Gordy Morris

“Everything was beyond our expectations!” – Jim Naber


“Our guide was very knowledgeable, patient, tolerant and attentive. The facilities were excellent.  Tollie was a very attentive host and he ensured that our trip was everything we hoped for. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The people are warm & friendly.” – Harry Fite


“My guide was knowledgeable, fit and had a positive outlook. Well staffed and friendly people.” – Brian Knight


“My personal highlight was taking a Bushbuck and I killed excellent animals. My guide did a great job! The outfitter was very good. “ – Richard & Mary Cook


“It was my first trip to Africa. Great people and I felt very welcomed. I couldn’t asked fot a better guide. The outfitter went the extra mile for us.  This trip would be hard to beat.” – Bob Csanadi


“Getting the springbuck grand slam and the ambiance of the whole week! The guide was superb and the outfitter very good!”  Rod Hatfield


“I could not be more pleased with my guide. The Kudu hunt was awesome. The outfitter was outstanding and way beyond my expectations!” – Don Youngblood


“I have hunted with a lot of ph’s over the years, but my ph on this hunt was patient, courteous and extremely knowledgeable of the animals I hunted.  I enjoyed hunting with him. The outfitter was way beyond our expectations. The cleaning staff were excellent and our rooms perfect, the food wonderful and everyone made us feel at home!” – Robert Troxell


“The accommodation were excellent, the staff was very efficient and curtious. The food was superb and the atmosphere was everything we expected & much more. My wife felt very comfortable with the service, staff & accommodation and the country we hunted was amazing. Each of the 9 animals taken were a different experience and all were exceptional. The guide was very knowledgeable about the terrain and habits of the animals.” – Gerald Payne


“Tollie, Karen & staff were great hosts and the dinners were excellent. My guide was excellent. He was very personable and in great shape for hunting hard and was an excellent hunter with creative stategies.” – Joe Inferrera


“Kudu, that was my #1 trophy and when I harvested the kudu – it was the most exciting, PH was great and coached my wife through her 1st hunt.” – Don Waters


“So fortunate to have picked Tollie’s African Safaris for my first African Safari. I learned a ton about the game, hunting in general as well as South African and its people. Highlights was the numerous lengthy stalks in the bush, mountain stalks for wildebeest, family dinners in the evenings.” – Brian  Lusczynski 


“Our ph, Danie, was outstanding. He shared his knowledge not just of hunting, but of nature, history and culture as well. We were amazed at the variety of game as well as the variation in terrain. The SPA was a wonderful bonus. Impossible to name one highlight, the whole trip was a hunt of a lifetime.” – Jason & Dick Van Bennekom


“Guide was patient yet worked us both hard (great) for success. Could not have asked more of anyone. World class trip & accommodation, fabulous staff!” – John Warren


“My ph was very professional and he never gave up getting me close enough to the animals. The outfitter delivered on everything he promised.The whole staff could not have been nicer.” – Stephen Brock


“Graham, my ph, is an excellent guide. His ph & hunting abilities are outstanding. Tollie, Karen & all the others treated Lois & I like family. The food and facilities were 1st class.”  Paul & Lois Gietka


“My personal highlight was tracking the lioness.  Excellent, great stalk.  Outfitter was excellent as usual.”  Bob & Joan Miller


“My PH, Graham, was excellent.  He has a great personality and a passion for not only the hunting but getting best trophies, great stalk and spotter.  Excellent hospitality and outstanding food and attention given to our comfort and needs and wants. It was a great experience and I look forward to coming back again.”  Stephen Yarbrough


“Danie, my PH was great, he worked really hard to get me the animals I wanted.  I had a blast in camp hanging out with all my new friends. Everything was perfect, we had everything we needed!”  Brittany Boddington


“As long as I had dreamed of coming to Africa, this trip fulfilled every expectation. Everything was perfect. I loved simply everything; side trips, picnic, food and the socializing.”  Sherry Crumley

“Danie my PH was absolutely excellent.  He made me very comfortable as I was very nervous before the hunt.  The Red hartebeest hunt was the most rewarding.  Tollie & Karen run a first rate operation. Everything exceeded my expectation s and went very smoothly.”  Hilary Dyer


“Seeing the different species, hunting every trophy in different terrain was a highlight.  My PH, Beans, was very knowledgeable and is a very experienced guide.  Had a great time hunting with him. The little touches really set the outfitter apart: Pictures of the animals on personalized menus were a nice touch.”
Shannon Salyer



“Beans, our ph, is a total professional with the patience of Job. Having hunted with other ph’s, I never felt second rated with Beans. I thought this might be my last trip to Africa, but I’m looking forward to return to this place.”  Becky Bowen

“Graham, our ph, have been very patient  and respectful and worked well in difficult settings. I have really enjoyed this trip, hope to be back again soon!” – Beth Merkle


“Tollie’s African Safaris is an excellent Outfitter and they should be very proud of what they have & do. My highlight was the unbelievable amount of animals and incredible hospitality & accommodations.” – Rennie Schut 


“Fantastic food, great people, exceptional game! Wonderful experience and I can’t wait to come back!” – Mike & Monica Barber


“Beyond excellence made it a trip of a life-time that we all will remember. My guide was very nice and has an excellent knowledge of hunting, plants, animals, very patient, went above and beyond.” – Jeff Waldie & Family


“Everything was just perfect” – Heinz Borde


“They made us feel welcome and at home. The hospitality was above & beyond what was expected. Arrive as a client & leave as a friend. Every day was an adventure, of course the kudu hunt was great and most rewarding. My highlight was watching Weston, my son, enjoy to the fullest this safari.” – Greg & Weston Cavanaugh

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