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How the Jordaan properties have evolved from livestock breeding to wildlife conservation

Willem Gabriel Jordaan was the first Jordaan to arrive in the area in the 1800’s. When he arrived here, there was nothing so he put a stake in the ground and claimed the property. From Willem Gabriel the property has been passed down through the generations. Tollie is the 5th generation and his sons Paul, Pieter and Willem will be the 6th generation of Jordaan’s on the properties.

When Willem Gabriel arrived, there were lots of wildlife on the properties. He was a livestock (cattle & sheep) farmer and the wildlife was in competition with his livestock for the grass. The farmers made their living from livestock and game had no value. Therefore the farmers killed as much game as they could so there would be more grass for their livestock.

Tollie’s father, Paul Abraham Jordaan was one of the countries best merino sheep farmers. “As a young boy, I remember my dad inviting all his friends to come and hunt and we would kill 100-200 animals a day. My dad would give it all away for free.” Tollie

This gave Tollie the idea to start a hunting business.

Tollie joined his dad in the family business in 1986. He then started the hunting business (Tollie’s African Safaris) with corporate clients from South Africa. They normally only hunted Kudu, Blesbuck and Springbuck. Not long after that Tollie took the business international and started marketing in the USA.

When Tollie started the hunting business there were only 4 species left on the properties. All the other species were killed off by the livestock farmers.

Every year that the hunting business made some money Tollie reinvested the money back into wildlife, reintroducing one or two more species. Currently we have over 30 different species.

Through hunting wildlife has a value and by giving wildlife a value we can look after and protect them. Hunting is not something we do, it is part of who we are.

We truly believe that hunting is one of the best conservation tools in the world. So thank you for hunting with us and investing in our wildlife.

Hunting in Africa with Tollie’s African Safaris 

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